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Inventory and Handling Service

In many situations, the loss of sentimental possessions is paramount to its owner. When fire or water damage requires the assessment of contents, First General has access to leading experts in the restoration of personal possessions. We orchestrate the presentation of all relevant documentation for you perusal and claim and assist with value engineering decisions. Damaged contents deteriorate quickly but immediate attention can reverse their decline and restore them to prime condition.

The handling and possible moving of contents to a remote location for more specialized cleaning, or in some cases putting the contents into sealed containers on site, are also normal occurrences resulting from an insurance claim. One major concern is always the ability to properly identify the contents and their condition at the time of loss. First General has the expertise and technology to handle a full contents inventory service with documentation. This inventory process provides a complete photo library of your contents and their condition. This process ensures that all document items are handled properly from the moment they leave your property, to the minute they are returned to you. First General Services provides you with a complete chain of custody whether contents are being repaired, cleaned or disposed.

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