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Established in 1978, First General continues to lead the property and damage restoration industry by adopting the newest technologies, improving our range of restoration services, and making ongoing advancements to our property saving and restoration practices. In addition, our level of service, dependability, reliability and ability to answer your questions in real time is increasing. When coordinating your restoration needs, our focus of our restoration experts is always on offering you comfort, peace of mind and satisfaction in an otherwise stressful situation. We tailor our service to your needs ensuring that your insurance claim is competently and professionally fulfilled.

First General  is committed to assisting you with the task of appropriately presenting your claim to your insurer. From immediate stabilization to ultimate property and contents restoration, we are with you, every step of the way, with detailed documentation and accurate scheduling to ensure the successful restoration of your life.

First General  is committed to meeting key performance indicators that establish high service standards. Quarterly audits of every affiliate by Head Office ensure we meet those goals. Our warranty is among the industry's longest.

First General  is committed to maintaining consistent service levels even during periods of high insurance claim volumes by calling on neighboring affiliates from our network of restoration experts under Head Office management as required.

First General  employs only well trained and skilled restoration experts using state-of-the-art technology to handle any part or all of your restoration needs.

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